Alev Danis

Mixed Media, Mosaic, Painting, Photography

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My work has evolved from my first mosaic flower using gummed squares of paper, made when I was 6 years old, to where I am now – using the mediums of collage, mosaics, photography, printing, and painting. The natural beauty of Gloucester is a great influence on my abstract paintings and collages. As is bringing together unusual combinations of images, materials, colors, and themes in abstract ways. Surrealism is too grand a word for this so I will use mash-up, which sums it up better. Be they imagined ripples of mermaids swimming around Thatcher Island, or my latest series of collages – When Frida met Aubrey - merging the very personal paintings of Frida Kahlo with the fine line drawings of Aubrey Beardsley, who both broke the art rules and social norms..
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Coming Soon!

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