I create custom painting commissions that blend photography and painting together.  The art form transforms a photograph into a painted work, using a client-supplied photograph or an image captured at the studio. The paintings combine modern technology with traditional artist mediums, by mixing hand-rendered electronic brushwork with topical layers of oil paints and glazes, applied by brush and palette knife. 

Just imagine having your most cherished memory transformed into a painted work of art, whether it is celebrating a child, memorializing a parent, commemorating a pet or honoring a friend.

Portrait paintings in the home remind us that we are loved and valued.

Professionally, for over 25 years, I've helped clients express a deep love of family through painted portrait art.

From an early age, I remember being obsessed with all forms of arts & crafts, regardless of the medium. In high school, my passion directed more towards the camera and darkroom as a primary means of expression, but I often explored other mediums, including alternative printmaking processes and combining pastels or drawing over the top of an image. In recent years, I've discovered a renewed creativity in pushing the boundaries of what was once a digitally-captured image into the realm of fine art. My tools now include both the modern and the traditional, combining an electronic brush with real oils applied by brush and palette knife.  

Fine photographic portraits and custom painted portrait commissions by combining photography and painting together.

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