Elizabeth Tiblanc

Art Instructor, Graphic design, Multimodal Production, Performing Arts, Photography, Printmaking

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Elizabeth Tiblanc is an Afro Latina artist educator and is currently teaching a course in Black Arts history at Massasoit. She spent the last decade teaching Visual Arts in Boston Public Schools where the majority of her time was spent as the Co Chair of the Visual Arts Department at Boston Arts Academy. She earned her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and recently completed her MEd. in Education Policy and Leadership at American University. Her art practice consists of photography, multimedia, graphic design, and printmaking. She uses these mediums to explore language and heritage and how it shapes individual and collective identity. She is currently sharing her Black Arts Curriculum Content with the world on her Instagram account @eatxart in order to honor the work and stories of people across the African Diaspora that continue to be censored and erased across the U.S.
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