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Hello all my name is Jeurys Santiago . I am 22 years old with my associates degree in business transfer and currently pursuing my masters degree at University Massachusetts Lowell . I Currently operate Minds with purpose , I Created Minds with purpose which is a networking platform to create networking opportunities for local businesses, entrepreneurs and artists to get the exposure they need to promote their business / brand . At MWP(minds with purpose) the objective is to bring people together of different professions, areas and styles in the same place to produce connections that lead to new businesses and new relationships.Here we also have our own merchandise that represents the message of working with one another and connecting with those you normally wouldn't connect with . We also have our own podcast series called "Talks with purpose" in which local entrepreneurs around the world are interviewed to share advice and their journeys . We also work with businesses to develop social strategy and create content for platforms like instagram , facebook , twitter , snapchat , tik Tok . We also love giving back to our community and creating/hosting charity events /givebacks that benefit the world
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