Michelle LaPoetica Richardson

Mixed Media, Multimodal Production, Performing Arts, Poetry

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As Creative Souls...we are born to be LIGHTHOUSES. It is the creative gifts we are blessed with that continuously fuel our resilience and help us weather these, seemingly, neverending storms. Bringing people together, reminding them that theres magic left in the world and whenever possible pointing out the magic that lingers within them, is what I genuinely love to do. This is a passion that I proudly bring to every platform and venue I am blessed to stand upon because in these dark times it is our duty to help others find their magic, all while fiercly embracing our own, and with all the love one can muster...together...SHINE.

I am a Mother, a Woman and a Creative Soul of Afro-Carribean decendency these beings compose the main aspects of who I am...all other elements of my existence and the moves I make...fall at the feet of this trinity and rise because of it. Spoken word and creative expression are fuel for my soul...however...providing a platform for others to express and find themselves...blossom and grow is genuine LIFE. Over 15 years ago, I founded DENCITY (Developing Expressions Now Creating Initiatives Through You), a platform where music performances and any other form of creative expression are encouraged as part of an open mic experience. Spreading love and light, bringing people together and finding creative souls, that more often than not have forgotten or don't even realize what their creative gifts are has undoubtedly become a passion that has driven and moved me to build and create opportunities whenever and wherever possible for all creative souls to grow and shine in a safe and brave spaces, free of judgment and filled with love and light.

Spoken Word/Poetry Performance (Virtual/In-Person)
Teaching Artist
Public Speaking (Motivational/Unifying/Inspiring)
Creative Writing Workshops
Open Mics/Showcases
Event Hosting
Graphic Design
Event Coordinating
Artist Curating
Event Interpreting (English/Spanish)

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