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I love to draw.
I love lines, curves, circles, spirals.
I love looking at lines, trees, bark, the sky, anything that has lines. When I drive, I look at clouds, houses, birds flying - and traffic, don’t worry.
I draw.
I have been teaching Drawing for years. No big technical terms: Draw what you see. Not what you think you see, but, what you actually see; General to specific; Light to dark; Press lightly with your pencil so it is easier to erase. All you need is a pencil, eraser and something to color in with. Oh, and paper. Go for it. Draw whatever is in front of you. The laundry sitting, waiting to be folded. Your partner sound asleep pretending to watch TV. The news commentator. Just draw.
Nothing is more satisfying to me than drawing (maybe some good dark chocolate).
When the day sucks, I draw.
When I hate the news, I draw.
When I don’t know what I want, I draw.
When I don’t know what to draw, I draw. I color. Oh, the colors. They are beautiful - how to make them so pretty, so tantalizing? I can never ‘sreplicate them, but, I try every time I attempt color. But, than I go back to lines.
Black and White, always. More beautiful than color.
Lines. So simple, so expressive, they say everything so quietly, so elegantly without yelling or insulting.
They just say it.
I love to draw.

A New Jersey native, Sue Funk has lived in Massachusetts for over 30 years. After taking off a few years to raise her children, Sue is back to producing art while also teaching it. A Massachusetts Certified Teacher, Sue has taught Drawing, Cartooning and creatively designed classes at various locations including the Bedford Council On Aging and The T.E.C. Schools.

A proud member of the Rocky Neck Arts Colony, North Shore Arts Association and National Association of Women Artists, Inc.

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Though contentedly established within the Gloucester, MA community, Sue and her family remain loyal New York Yankees fans!

Hand Calligraphy thru my business "Sue's Calligraphy Stuff"

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