I Am a Town

I Am a Town

Join us for this refreshingly poetic take on life in coastal Massachusetts, followed by an intimate conversation with the film’s director, Mischa Richter.

At the end of Cape Cod, protected by a school of great white sharks, lies the remarkably diverse and free-spirited community of Provincetown. Its demographics have evolved as the community has adapted through the ages — changing from native lands to a colony for European pilgrims, a whaling and fishing community attracting and benefitting Yankees and Portuguese immigrants, and later to one of America’s oldest art colonies and a haven for the LGBTQ community. Through all of these changes, Provincetown clings to a distinctly American, and yet incredibly rare, way of life.

In his immersive documentary debut, Mischa Richter, whose artist family has been living in Provincetown for nearly a century, explores his home through shared moments and conversations with locals, pilgrims, outcasts, fishermen, drag queens, and spirit guides in an exploration of what freedom and community mean in America today.

From the Director’s Statement:

I have assembled a cast of unique, honest, vibrant, heartbreaking, and creative characters to best express what I see as the most beautiful and spiritually open way to live here: simply, freely, slowly, kindly, happily, and off the land. This is my love letter to Provincetown, where I grew up, Provincetown, where my children do the same. In my film portrait I am raising questions and giving answers. How long before it bursts its banks and joins the rest of America? Freedom can prevail.

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