Pop Up and Paint: Half Way: Stages Pt. 1

Pop Up and Paint: Half Way: Stages Pt. 1

Half Way; Stages is a series of workshops using art as a way to tap into a higher level of self awareness.

In “Cognizance” , the first installment of this series, we will create a mix media self portrait, exploring themes such as introspection and self care. Through this process we will discover our own life journey by examining the past and acknowledging who we are in the present.

This event will also include a pop up shop featuring MAD KULCHA LLC, a lifestyle brand that markets Bath & Body Essentials and encourages everyone to get “MAD”.

#MotivatedAmbitiousDetermined #ManifestAmazingDreams

Artist Bio:

Jah’Nyah Spencer is a 19 year old Lynn based illustrator and mural artist. Although born in Los Angeles, Jah’Nyah spent her formative years in New York, where she developed her love for art. Although art has always been a coping mechanism for Jah’Nyah, it is also how to communicate with the world around her. She is currently an illustration major at Lesley University, where she intends to broaden her skill set, and discover new horizons on her artistic journey. She is also a Raw Artworks Alumni.

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