The Silent Supper “Feast Of The Dead”

The Silent Supper “Feast Of The Dead”

The Silent Supper “Feast of the Dead”

Date: October 30th 6pm

Location: The Starboard Galley – 55 Water Street, Newburyport MA

Newburyport MA: This October a very special dinner will be taking place in Newburyport Massachusetts. Rebeccah Pearson of Apothecary Suil Crow based out of Ipswich MA brings a night of connecting to loved ones whom have passed on with an old tradition of a Silent Supper. This dinner will be taking place at the Starboard Galley in Newburyport where Rebeccah will adorn and dress the table with special items, incantations and candles specifically chosen to help those attending connect with their loved ones that are no longer on this physical plain.

The Feast Of The Dead “Silent Supper” is traditionally held on the eve before Samhain (as the night when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its most fragile). It’s the night when we know for sure the dead will hear us speak, and maybe even speak back. It’s a time of death and resurrection, of new beginnings and fond farewells.

“This dinner will be in complete silence, in respect of the loved ones passed on” Rebeccah thoughtfully says, “Once everyone has been seated a group silent incantation will be performed, meal will be served and the real magic begins”.

The Silent Dinner or “Feast of the Dead” has been taking place for hundreds of years and has been know recently as The Dumb Supper, dumb meaning respectful silence.

“Anyone can attend and enjoy a meal of connection to the realm between ours. We hope that this will be an annual event at the Starboard Galley. Not only to bring those together to celebrate our ancestors, but to connect each other’s energy for a sign from beyond our normal.” Rebeccah continues, “it will certainly be a magical evening of Olde World Traditions and showing respect to those no longer able to speak that for one night they are able to join us”.

The dinner will take place in the event hall at the Starboard Galley. Seats are limited and you must pre register for this dinner event. To reserve your seat and order your meal please visit

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