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Zograf (Зограф) Historical Bulgarian personal appellation, later used as pen name, which comes from the tradition of iconography in Eastern Orthodoxy; zografos (ζόγραφος (zógraphos)) in Greek means "painter" (from zoe="life" and grafos="scribe"). Zograf Strings Quarterly is a non-profit organization dedicated to paying forward our passion for chamber music by donating already performed programs to an economically underprivileged or socially disadvantaged group of people for either a symbolic fee, or completely free of charge. We operate under the basic philosophy that music is not just a necessary positive force in our culture, but it is also the pulse and lifeblood that connects other art forms. Our performances regularly feature artists working in other mediums such as painters, dancers, and poets, who enhance every performance and make for a unique audience experience. Above all, we understand that art is universal but it is not universally accessible and we always strive to share with art-starved communities the education, inspiration and positive energy we’ve come to thrive on from performing chamber music over the years.


Andover, MA 01810


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