Art & Emotion

Art & Emotion is an in-person group for 10-14 years old identifying females to explore what it means to grapple with the challenges and uncertainty of their day-to-day lives. The group will make art and learn mindfulness practices while discussing topics that arise out of their current challenges. This will be a safe place for […]

Creative Transitions – Navigating the New Normal

A support group for adults to creatively hold space for the times we are living in right now. Weaving quotes, poetry, journaling, and art-making together to process where we are now and where we hope to be. Processing our layered feelings about these times through group art-making and reflection.

Art Journaling for Self Care

Autumn is in high gear, and now is a perfect time to recommit to self-care. This in-person retreat will use art journaling for inner exploration. Use words, sketches, doodles, images cut from magazines, glitter, textured paper, paint, pastels, and more. We'll use breath, guided meditation, and discussion to help us tune into our intuition and […]


This mini-retreat is a calming and imaginative journey combining relaxation practices with art-making and journaling. Quotes and excerpts from Brene Brown will be a source of inspiration for participants to create personal symbols for qualities to cultivate and obstacles to let go of. Benefits include self-care and an outlet for self-expression.