fostering sustainable, equitable and accessible arts and culture





Our Focus

Strengthening our art ecosystem through...


A calendar and virtual venue to experience Essex County's creative work and to learn about the people and organizations in our creative ecosystem.

Public art & creative placemaking grants

Funding for new, collaborative placemaking and public art projects.

Cultural planning

Engaging communities in municipal planning that is inclusive of arts and culture.

Capacity building

Opportunities for artists, arts leaders and culture organizations to further their missions, compete in our creative economy, and deepen their community-centered work.


Bringing all parts of the creative system together to learn, network, inspire and thrive as one united ecosystem. 

Communications and connectivity

Helping artists and organizations reach new audiences, grow financial support and connect with each other.


From our video channel

Art is

Art inspires us. It spurs us to innovate and drives us to imagine the impossible. Culture grounds us. It connects us to our past, brings us together, and lifts us up. 

- ECCF Executive Director Beth Francis

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The work of Creative County ...

  • CREATES a regional voice for arts, culture and creative expression in Essex County.
  • PROMOTES transformative community and economic development.
  • ELEVATES arts and cultural experiences that celebrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and access across communities.
  • INVESTS in artists and the creative economy in an environment of rapidly changing demographics.
  • CELEBRATES Essex County as a vibrant place to live, work, create and collaborate.